Journey upward

We believe Jesus Christ came to Earth to reconnect us to the intimacy of experiencing God in our everyday lives and to his great plan and purpose for His world. God offers us his love and desires that we become like him- Great Lovers. Our Journey truly begins not with loving ourselves more deeply nor by loving our neighbor more purely, but by falling “head over heels” in love with God. More than my obedience, God wants my love. How does that happen? When I know deeply that I am loved by God, I have taken the first step toward returning that love and becoming genuinely loving of others. It is through Him that I come to find my true identity. And, the fruit of such knowledge is the joyful surrender of my life to His love’s rule and reign.

journey inward

We are called to become like Jesus in that we are to take on His character. Like Him, we are to embrace our humanity and work out our spirituality within it. God’s desire in his plan of salvation is to make us whole.

This process provides power to overcome addictive patterns and heal debilitating wounds. Consequently, we are empowered to renounce idolatries and false identities, the very things keeping us from finding our true identity in Christ. 

Journey shared

We were created to enjoy intimacy with God while experiencing meaningful and deep connections with others as well. Inherent in the human heart is the desire to be part of an authentic community where everyone is loved for who they truly are.

As a family we are able to experience truth and grace while accompanying one another on the journey, not as experts, but as companions. 

journey outward

In being transformed by Christ there is a profound need to live beyond oneself; it is the Kingdom of God . We are his hands, feet and mouth- the body of Christ on this Earth. Our desire is to courageously live this life in our homes, schools and workplaces. In becoming “salt and light,” we are inviting the world to join us.