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Greetings to All in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ! Our journey continues! 

We have been on quite an adventure since March when Covid shut everything down. Church as we knew it, stopped. None of us would have believed it if someone had predicted to us a year earlier what 2020 would bring. But, is God in this? 

We know He is. And, we believe He is getting the attention of His people. It is time to reexamine who we are, and what our our priorities are. For that reason, we are moving into Hill Houses in a new way. For that reason, we have “Open Church,” once a month on a Sunday morning.  

Surely this “pause” did force us to “rethink,” “reframe,” and “reform.” Here’s one more adjustment. We have decided to celebrate the Lord’s Table at the end of Sunday’s meeting rather in the beginning. After Pastor James finishes his message we will go right to a song from our worship team. At the end of that song our YouTube connection will be ended as well. But, as a community we will then share the Lord’s Table together. This will give us the intimacy of sharing together “in the privacy of our own home,” so to speak. It will also allow for some who might be too intimidated to pray at the Table while knowing it is being videoed. 

So if you are virtual on Sunday you will plan to receive communion at the end of that closing song in your home. For those of us in the sanctuary, you will not think we have forgotten to do the Table when we move from music to the message. All other guidelines remain the same. 

So happy to with you on the Lord’s Day. Be blessed.


This is a current list of our Hill House Facilitators.  If you are not currently in a Hill House, but would like more information concerning them or how to join one, please contact us at our church office email at info@chccny.com or call 631-924-8617.


Dave and Donna DiNapoli: 

dtdinap@optonline.net teacherdinap@optonline.net

Tabitha and Michael Dixon: 

tlwd@ymail.com nif30@yahoo.com

Bob and Sabrina Fryer: 

bobfryer@optonline.net mamafry21@yahoo.com

Kevin and Lorraine Koch: 

kevcotton@optonline.net lorrainekoch@gmail.com

Dan and Karen Nolan: 


Geoff and Kaysie Percz: 


Leigh and Joe Pinto

lsdamm@aol.com trucks38@aol.com

Kai and Christoph Sladek-Maharg

ktwin97@gmail.com ctwin97@gmail.com

Jennifer Schuster: 


Kathy Volkel and Jeannine Arkay: 



Dana and Lee Walcott: 


Sanctuary Hill Houses: 


A Few Good men

Men's meeting

This is an opportunity for men to discuss, share, and grow together with other men facing similar challenges in life.

We have several groups that meet on a monthly basis - to find out more contact us at info@chccny.com.

Women's ministry

If you would like to be part of a women's small group, please CLICK HERE to sign up.

Children's ministry

Equipping the next generation, with core biblical principles, to encounter God and build a foundation to grow upon in their personal walk with Christ for the rest of their lives.

Sunday School meets regularly during the service each Sunday. For more information email us at info@chccny.com

Lifeline mediation center

629 Middle Country Road

Middle Island, NY 11953


Through collaboration and networking with surrounding agencies and Longwood School District, Lifeline mediation Center aids in restructuring families by establishing communication enabling them to connect.

Services Offered Include:

  • Counseling
  • Mentoring
  • Tutoring
  • Awareness Programs [Anti-Bully • Anti-Violence • Cyber, Drug, and Gang Awareness Programs]
  • Health and Wellness [Fit Kids]
  • Community Outreach
  • Pantry

For more information visit us at www.LifelineMediationCenter.com

Music Ministry

We are a music ministry that believes in the power and presence of the Holy Spirit. We accept the mantle and responsibility the Lord has placed on us to be His vessels, not only through the music we play and sing, but also through our actions, attitudes, and appearance as ambassadors for Christ.

Contact Steve Arkay or John Lecci if you are interested in more information.