Greetings to All,

May the Lord’s peace be abundant in you today! 

So many great things are happening within our faith community, right now. It was very exciting to see how many of you showed up for the new Colossians Bible Study this past week. 

All we can say is….. the responses from those of you who attended…. have been more than encouraging. In addition, we are all extremely excited that Pastor’s James is beginning his “Faith under fire" bible study for young adults this Thursday, October 1st at 7:00 p.m. on Zoom. We will be posting the link to it on all of our platforms as the day approaches.

The darker the world gets, the brighter the church shines… and the world is dark. The threat of the Covid 19 virus has not been eliminated. Those of us who bear responsibility for this assembly are strong in faith trusting our Lord to keep us all. And, we are also looking to diligently keep to the guidelines required by the CDC. Should a church be found not in compliance, there are stiff fines as well as the threat of being closed down. We thought you should know all that we are doing to keep you safe, while keeping to those guidelines.

The following is a little video we thought might help you to understand exactly how we are doing this. So many thanks to Tabitha and Michael Dixon for doing a fabulous job putting it together.

As you will see in the video, masks must be worn entering the building. They need also to continue to be worn until you are seated, while singing, and at any time you may be moving around the building. 

Remember the masks are firstly, to protect those around you. The discussion has been as to whether we need to ask that they be worn throughout the meeting, even while seated. At this juncture we encourage those who are more comfortable keeping them on while seated, to do just that. However, we are not insisting that they be worn while being seated, at least not at this present time.

We so appreciate your cooperation. As with all things, we face challenges as a family. We are so grateful for your continuous support and for your fellowship in the gospel of our

Lord Jesus Christ. We are of all people, most blessed.

Your Pastors



Tomorrow we as God’s people celebrate Palm Sunday, the door to the holiest week of our year.

As we begin our journey this week with our Lord, we are reminded that this Wednesday also begins the Jewish Passover.

The Passover is the sacred occasion when Jews celebrate the “passing over” of the angel of death and the glorious passing over of the people of God... from slavery to freedom.

In this holy week we remember our Lord’s rejection, betrayal, torture and death. Yet, as Christians we too celebrate a “passing over.” On Easter Sunday we celebrate the greatest passing over of all. We celebrate a passing from despair to victory, from bondage to freedom, from sorrow to joy... from death to life.

While we as your Pastors will sincerely miss celebrating this holy day with you in person, we do not miss the irony of the occasion. The backdrop of both of these stories is plagues, fear, suffering and death, the very atmosphere surrounding our whole world today.

YET THIS PALM SUNDAY WE REMEMBER...THIS IS THE GOD WE ARE TRUSTING TO DO IT AGAIN. Hallelujah! let us give Him our great praise this Palm Sunday. He hears our prayers, His arms are still opened wide to receive us and help us, He is indeed the King our world is waiting for.

Tune in to watch Pastor James once again this Palm Sunday at 10:00 a.m. on our YouTube channel!

Blessings to you All,

The Pastors

Bethany’s Fragrance

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