A Message from the pastors

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Last week we looked at 2nd Chronicles 20, where Jehoshaphat and the children of God found themselves desperate, surrounded by their enemies, and with no visible means of escape. 

But both the people of God and nations great and small since the beginning of time, have found themselves in such circumstances. At such times people have always known to implore God with their repentance....and their fasting and prayer. 

For the rest of January, the first month of the new year, we are asking all who are a part of this community, to join us as we do the same. Each of us is responsible to decide how that will take shape in his/her life. It is time to seek the Lord on behalf of God’s interests in America, and his interests in us, His own “called out” people. We need to seek the Lord, “while He may be found!”

Pray with us:

Lord Jesus... fear, chaos and uncertainty abound everywhere in America. We believe it is the consequences of our turning our back on your goodness and your laws. We cannot ask for your blessing if we intend to snub your continued caution signs. We need your wisdom even as to what to pray for. 

We begin by imploring you for what we know to be your will.

1. Let this shaking result in vision to see the futility and fruit of the culture America has embraced. 

2. May idolatry be seen and turned from ....by us your people, and all those who still retain a godly fear of you!

3. Let knees bow to you all across this country.

May God hear our prayer!

Blessings, Pastors

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