A Message from the pastors

Greetings CHCC Family,

It was great to see so many of you join us this past Sunday morning for worship and God’s Word. We think that there were more of us gathered Sunday then at any time in almost a year. We know also that it was good, and difficult, to embrace the entire Walcott family on Sunday as well. We continue to grieve with them and to carry them in our hearts and prayers.

So many of you contacted Pastor James thanking him for his messages these last weeks as he spoke about us, "the Church.” Our Lord said where the church would be, would be a battle. “I will build my church and the gates of hades will NOT prevail against it.” God has never changed His mind and it is exactly what He is actively doing at this very moment. We were also reminded these last weeks that the whole New Testament was written to those who had not only become members of His family, but who took their place in small outposts together in local churches in much of the known world at that time. God’s enemy has stopped at nothing through the centuries to dismantle these communities, and he is actively doing exactly that, as well, at this very moment.

This Sunday, March 7th we will be having an Open Church service. The time to hear from the body. A meeting we can be sure God’s enemy hates. They are wonderful times for us to gather around the Table of the Lord, and to share our lives together as His family and Covenant people. We are looking forward to seeing many of you at that time. Safety protocols will be in place as usual.

See you then Pastors

This is a current list of our Hill House Facilitators.  If you are not currently in a Hill House, but would like more information concerning them or how to join one, please contact us at our church office email at info@chccny.com or call 631-924-8617.


Dave and Donna DiNapoli: 

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Leigh and Joe Pinto

lsdamm@aol.com trucks38@aol.com

Kai and Christoph Sladek-Maharg

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